John Parker - Episode 2

2017-04-10 03:00:41 by Anky7

...The outcome was more petrifying than ever! The whole of centura city was invaded by the Hands of Martial Manhunters! Just a few Survivors survived who were unknown to each others. "The prophecy was true" said John Parker, seconds later, as he survived the blast. He looked at the Million Year old script that said - " Martial Manhunters, There is something uncanny about them... Cruelty that mankind in it's existing years, would'nt ever Be able to imagine. The Aliens Came A long time ago to destroy The young, weak earth, just a few zillion years old... Half of the planet was'nt able to Thrive, but a Priest named 'Janohh Panoroko' used a powerful Scepter to outrule The aliens. The Martial Manhunters did'nt die, they escaped. They May take their Revenge a long time from now..." "They did take their Revenge:, said John Parker. Then he heard the Footsteps of those aliens Coming in, Louder and louder and louder! He Broke the room's First window, Jumped, with a hook attached to his hotel's outer wall and Jumped. Just as he Reached the ground, he saw a wounded young girl, who reminded John of his dead daughter, who was killed Secretly By the Martial Manhunters, when the world did not Know anything about them, not even John Himself. But, when the Police reached His home, They thought John had killed his own daughter. Thus, John did not perform any Crime, was innocent and framed! He helped the wounded young girl and Asked her " What is your name " The yound Girl said With pain as she was wounded " s-s-Sarah... " and she fainted just after that. John gave her the last adrenaline dose he had, and she revived. Then they escaped to an invaded supermarket. John Applied an antiseptic to the Wounded area, and applied some gauge with cotton. First Aid! Then He gave Sarah a sandwich with hazelnut spread as she was Hungry. Just then he found a note that had something written on it...

What was written on the 'note'? What will happen next? Get to Know in John Parker - Episode 3 which is coming soon!

John Parker - Episode 1

2017-04-01 11:29:35 by Anky7

24th September, 2047...

Centra City Central Prison...

John Parker: Finally, I am released from prison after being FRAMED! * Goes to AstroMax Shelters (hotel) * Hoel Manager: Yes? Which Room do you want? A deluxe room? A Special room? Or a Platinum Luxury room? John: Which one is the Cheapest? Manager: uhh, the deluxe room. 50$ per Night please. John: Hmm... Okay, But can you Reduce the price By at least 5$? It's so costly!!! Manager: NO! This is a Hotel! Not a bargaining store! Tell me if you want the room, Or go! John: well...Ok! Why did you have to be so Rude? * Goes to deluxe room 21 * ~ Such a mean manager... ~ Trrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggg!!! Trrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnggggg!!!! Triiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnggg!!

Staff: Yes, Who?

John: Yes, It is me from deluxe room 21,I want 2 Cupcakes, a diet coke, and a Veg Burger Please!

Staff: Ok.

Staff: Willy! Willy! Please deliver 2 cupcakes, a diet coke and a Veg Burger to deluxe room 21! * Ding, dong! ding, dong! John: Thank you! * staff goes way saying "welcome, sir".

KABOOOM! * Blast at AstroMax Shelters *

John: Oh no, It's the Martial Manhunters! 


Who are the Martial Manhunters? Was John parker framed or did he really do a crime? What was the crime? What did the 'Martial Manhunters' want From John Parker? Get to know in the Next episode whichis coming soon!

Reached a Milestone...

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Hi, Everyone! Right now I've Reached a Speakable State in NG. Of-course, I've Reached more than 3,000 Achievment Points! But, still I have 4 fans Right now... I was Thinking of a Violent 13+ Story Series, which I could Do 1 story Monthly. What do you Say? Also, I'm going to Launch The Anky7 Game Guide! But, I need an Assistant to Help me with My story Series and Game Guide. Want to Register? Tell me in the Comments! Also, thanks to CatofSnow, Croude, Rishi2006 and Wkay for Being My Trusted Fans! See ya' Later, People, Coming up With More!

Check out My Latest Raybots!

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Hi, Everyone! I've Done Some Recent Raybots on Cathode Raybots, and I think You'll like them! Check em' out.

Ignite, God of Rage -

Moody Foodie -

Bomber Jr. -

Out of These all, I think Moody Foodie is the Hardest one. Please try all 3 of them. Enjoy!

Ignite is Launched!

2016-07-26 02:34:07 by Anky7


Hi, Everyone! I've Launched A Powerful God Named Ignite. He actually The God of Rage! In My Shared Creations, You'll Find Ignite, God of Rage and His face Made on Cathode Raybots! Actually, He's a Madness Combat Character, and His Details are - Dark Flaming Body. Super-Hot Armor Which has a Temperature close to the Sun's Temperature! Two Crab Like Red Hands Which have The most Powerful Flaming Powers! Fire Instead of Legs Which can Move Him to Anywhere. Two Wings Made out of Fire Which Can Fly Very Accurately and Effeciently in the sky or Beyond it! So, That's Ignite, The God of Rage! See you Later  People, coming up with More!

Hi, Everyone!

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Hi, Everyone!

I've Recently joined newgrounds and finding it Really Amazing! As, I have a Craze for High-Rated Games, I looked forward to Joining this site, But There aren't only games! Arts, vidoes,Music, It had everything! Just like a dream come true, I thought to myself! I look forward to Recommending Newgrounds to all My Friends. And, Mentioning Krinkels, I'm a big fan of his, and approve The madness combat series and Madness: Project nexus! I'm also a cool Next-Gen Gamer who likes to Review Games!